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Dr. Scott Branson

I've always been interested in a challenge, and I was fortunate to realize early that life is a massive challenge! It's sticky, dirty, messy, and really, really complex and beautiful. Just take something like emotions - one expert might tell you it's important to control your emotions, while another tells you to fully experience them.

Both experts are probably right, depending on the situation. There isn't one "correct" way to achieve mental health and wellness, as mental health is defined by each person's personal values, meanings, and beliefs. I value understanding clients without imposing judgement. I value knowing you and your goals, so we can have open conversations about how the counseling process is working for you. There are many, many counseling theories and techniques, and I work dynamically from multiple approaches. Of course, clients are always welcome to clear information about what approach I'm using and why.

Much of my life is immersed in understanding mental health and wellness. I work full time as an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, where I teach master's and doctoral level counseling students and conduct research. As a counselor, I'm honored to be able to work alongside people who trust me as they navigate some of life's biggest challenges.

When I'm not working, I like to spend time gardening, cooking, or building things with my wife (Dr. Ashley Branson). I also enjoy administering servers and computer programming.

Dr. Ashley Branson

Dr. Ashley works full time as a counselor educator at Oakland University, where she supervises and teaches counseling students. Dr. Ashley has a substantial expertise in couples and family counseling.